Garmin’s Viago App for iOS and Android Gets Low Ratings in Early Reviews

Garmin has recently released its first navigation app for Android and iPhone, iPad users, but the ratings doesn’t live up to the brand.

The official Viago navigation app for Android and iOS users by Garmin comes with many useful features, such as international map browsing, turn-by-turn navigation, lane assist and many other features.

However, despite coming from such a brand like Garmin, the app has received some pretty low ratings so far, especially for iOS users. Here’s what one iPhone owner has been saying:

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“There are so many little advertising map markers that I can’t see street names. All I see when trying to read a map is a sea of little knife-and-forks, gas pumps, and grocery carts. There shouldn’t be ANY advertising map markers in a very expensive paid app like this. There is no way to turn them off.”

Garmin fails to impress with its Viago navigation app

“Also, this app is especially buggy, losing your route when you don’t follow directions exactly, and it hangs and crashes. Also, some of the paid add-ons don’t provide the functionality described (even when activated in the app settings).”

On the iTunes store, the app currently has a rating of only 2 stars. The situation is better for Android users, but also not great. It has a rating of 3.2 and users are complaining that even the latest update doesn’t solve things. Here’s what Joshua Glemza says:

“Even with the latest update this app crashes a lot, even when I’m just opening the app it will crash. Garmin support was no help and blamed it on lack of RAM in my phone. I would tend to disagree. I would avoid this app and save your money.”

But there are users who are satisfied with its performance, so if you are a long-time Garmin customer and you want to see the app for yourself, go ahead and check it out.

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