The Latest Details on Assassin’s Creed Unity: Release Date and its Features

Video Game Developer Ubisoft has announced that they will release the next installment of Assassin’s Creed, Assassins Creed Unity, this October 28th for PS4, Xbox One and the PC. Ubisoft has still not proclaimed whether the PC version will be released in a timely manner or not.

Ubisoft’s Toronto Producer Lesley Phord said the following with regards to the release date:

“We are always aiming to ship all our games on all platforms at the same time, I don’t have any specific news on the PC version of ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity,’ but I do know we are planning on shipping on all three platforms such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. I haven’t heard any news differently than that.”

She also added:

“It can be challenging, PC has a variety of different hardware configurations that you can’t necessarily predict. On a console you know what’s in the box. Every customer has the same configuration for the most part, and first-parties push firmware updates, so everyone has what you’re expecting to have. PCs are nowhere near as consistent. So it can be extremely challenging to try and support as many of those permutations as possible.”

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During E3, Ubisoft Montreal Producer Vincent Pontbriand also stated that Assassins Creed Unity next-gen exclusive includes a new four player co-op mode which is taken place in France.

assasins creed unity release date

“Because it is very complicated to do, Assassin’s Creed was always a single-player game to begin with. It took us three games to introduce PvP. It was in the same universe but you were playing as a Templar avatar in a very separate game mode. In Unity, we set out to unify all these game modes into a single experience.”

Ubisoft also announced that Assassins Creed’s Unity’s hero and key player will be Arno Dorian, which means “Eagle Wolf” in Old German. He is described as “sharp and witty” and out for revenge for the death of his father. He has a sense of humor and is more deadly than his predecessor. The title is bound to be more appealing and attention-grabbing.

As this game is coming to the next-gen consoles, its graphics have improved. It will be running on 1080p with 60fps per second. This game represents the beautiful streets of Paris.

PC Specifications for installing Assassin’s Creed Unity

• Intel CPU : Core 2 Quad Q6400 2.13GHz
• AMD CPU : Athlon II X4 620
• Nvidia GPU : GeForce 8800 GS
• AMD GPU: Radeon HD 3870
• RAM: 2 GB
• OS: Windows 7/8/8.1
• DirectX: DX 10
• HDD Space: 30 GB

The trailer for Assassin’s Creed Unity trailer was shown previously at E3, and if you for some reason missed it, be sure to check it out in the beginning of the article.

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