Windows 8.2: The Latest News on The Expected Update

Windows 8.2, the next update for Microsoft’s desktop OS is rumored to be releasing late this year. Here are all the details you should know about it.

Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 are two upcoming updates to the Windows operating system. Russian pirate group WZOR, a solid source of leaked Microsoft info, has recently revealed some interesting info about the new updates, detailed below.

According to the group, the Windows 8.2 update is expected to most likely take place this fall. The name of the OS isn’t final yet, but if Microsoft’s current naming trend is anything to go by, the name of the update should be Windows 8.2. It won’t be a major update like Windows 8 was, but will be similar to the recent Windows 8.1 one.

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The most major change should be the addition of a proper Start Menu, as shown by Microsoft back in April at BUILD 2014. The lack of a Start menu and Start button was the center of controversy for Windows 8, and resulted in many people opting to not upgrade to the new OS. The software giant did partially include a Start Menu in Windows 8.1 due to public demand, but it still isn’t what Windows 7 used to be like.

Microsoft still has to convince users to abandon previous operating systems and upgrade to new ones, which is a pretty tedious task. The company should introduce new features in both Windows 8.2 and Windows 9 to cater to the mouse and keyboard crowd, so we can’t wait to see how the general public will receive the updates.

Reports are also coming in that Microsoft is currently working on a new operating system, named Windows Cloud. The new OS is said to be based entirely online, similar to Google’s Chrome OS. There is also talk that Microsoft might make this platform free, but there’s a pretty less chance they’ll actually do that.

Microsoft has undoubtedly learnt that offering free upgrades to new OS’s is more compelling to users to update, and should offer Windows 8.2 for free. We’re still not sure regarding Windows 9, it may charge a small fee for the major update like it did with Windows 8.

As always, everything is speculation, but we’re expecting Microsoft to release Windows 8.2 this fall, and Windows 9 in Spring 2015. What else will Microsoft be bringing in the new update? Well, you’ll have to wait till more is revealed to find out.

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