Why Video Games Are so Violent, According to “BioShock” Creator

There’s been an ongoing debate related to violence in video games and now BioShock creator weighs in with his own view.

In a recent interview on NPR, Ken Levine, a veteran game maker and the creator of the hugely popular BioShock series, shared his input on why he thinks video games have become so violent.

“One of the reason there’s been a lot of violence in video games is because it’s relatively easy to simulate. And generally it’s been… like action movies, there’s an easily perceivable market for it.”

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Levine thinks that violence in games is just a sign that the gaming industry can easily express itself in more fashions.

“I think the reaction to the violence is more an expression of people building confidence in the industry’s ability to express itself in more diverse fashions.”

The games from BioShock series are quite violen, culminating with BioShock Infinite, where the first action of the game centers around slashing away an attackers face off with a device called a Skyhook.

He also added the following:

“There was a tendency for publishers and developers to underestimate the audience. And they’re really no different than any other audience. There’s plenty of movies that are intended for people that aren’t that interested in political philosophy and there’s plenty that are.”

“You can really try to have a one-to-one interaction with a smaller, more dedicated fan base and give them the thing they want. We realize we can experiment more because we don’t have to hit such a broad common denominator.”

It’s funny that Levine said he couldn’t create such a simple game like Mario:

“I wouldn’t have known how to make a game like Mario. I wouldn’t have known how to take this kind of story and turn it into a game about jumping on blocks.”

What’s your take on this? Why do you really think video games are so easily violent?

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2 thoughts on “Why Video Games Are so Violent, According to “BioShock” Creator”

  1. No games aren’t overly violent but games come in many different shapes and sizes some are the same old same old with a twist others are just mind glowingly original! Many games are completely without violence but that doesn’t make them good or bad by themselves its just different tastes so don’t hate on other people’s opinion

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