ASUS Updates Firmware for RT-N66 Router with New Features

Asus’ RT-N66 routers are one of the most popular in the world and recently they have received some new features in latest firmware update.

ASUS recently released a new firmware build aimed at its RT-N66 routers the R, W, and U models. Version fresh network map features, security-related updates, and various bug fixes.

The newly released package updates OpenSSL library from 1.0.0d to 1.0.0m, resolves traffic monitor display problems, and improves 3G and 4G compatibility with certain Huawei dongles.

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Also, various IPv6 and VDSL modem compatibility issues have been solved, the daylight saving time can now be adjusted manually, the client icon can be modified, and the secondary wan setting when in dual wan failover mode doesn’t encounter problems anymore.

Asus routers get the latest firmware update

Also, the latest firmware can now show CPU and RAM usage properly, and the client status is able to display wireless users signal strength. Parental control, QoS, manually assigned IP, static route, and port forwarding client list can still refer to the client name even if it is manually changed.

ownload master also comes with improved GUI response time and faster download speeds. Also, now, a torrent downloading task may include multiple files and user can choose which files should be downloaded.

Follow this link to download the update, but make sure you know what you’re doing as it can result in device malfunctions otherwise. The firmware update has been released on 27 June and comes with a size of almost 26 megabytes.

Leave your comment below and let us know how is your Asus RT-N66 router behaving after installing this latest firmware.

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