Microsoft’s Kinect 2.0 Gets Released for Windows on July 15

The new version of Microsoft’s Kinect sensor for Windows computers is finally here. It is planned to arrive in stores on 15th of July, for the price of $199.

Microsoft stores from US and UK have finally announced the release date and price of new Microsoft Kinect v2. It will come without any software to install, and it was meant to be used with Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 and will only work with the applications that are compatible with it.

Kinect is a very popular ‘toy’ for Microsoft’s gaming consoles Xbox 360 and Xbox One, but now with the new, improved version, it brings the whole new element of controlling the PC and playing games on it.

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Through the years, developing applications that are compatible with Kinect have become very popular with Windows developers, and they were constantly trying to bring the best possible experience in using this device.

This version of Kinect is designed to be similar to the Xbox One Kinect, actually the two devices are almost the same. The fidelity sensor is much higher, compared to previous versions, and it runs with 1080p camera. Also, the field of view has been expanded, and skeletal tracking is upgraded.

Kinect was first meant to be the revolutionary device which will bring playing of the games on consoles and PCs to a whole new level, but its purpose changed over the years. As mentioned, this Kinect will lead your computer controlling way beyond just games.

As it was shown in Microsoft’s latest commercial for the new version of Kinect, it will have enormous purpose in our lives in the future. We will be able to accomplish nearly everything with Kinect, from learning, fixing stuff, playing on various instruments.

It seems that $199 isn’t too much for such a good product. And if the predictions from Microsoft’s commercial become true, this little black box could be a very valuable part of our daily lives. So if you want to be part of the history, you definitely should upgrade your computer with this amazing device.

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