‘Find my iPhone’ is Really Useful, Puts Burglar Behind Bars

If you have been doubting the functionality of the “Find my iPhone” app, you shouldn’t as it has recently proved to be really useful in apprehending a burglar.

According to a recent report from CBS News publication, the “Find my iPhone” application has proved to be really useful in the situation of a Denver woman after thieves stole her iPhone and the car.

Sarah Fisher said the she used the Find my iPhone app on her iPad to locate the stolen phone quickly, which then helped the police make an arrest of one of the people they believe has committed the burglary.

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The thieves stole Fisher’s laptop and purse, where she was keeping her keys and her phone inside. She then started the app on her iPad and the GPS tracker located the iPhone in the neighboring block.

She called the police, and then they apprehended the suspects.

“The officer knocked on his window but instead of rolling down his window, he gunned the car, backed up, hit another car and backed down a one way street”

Police spokesman Sonny Jackson said the following:

“Burglars tend to be a pattern type of criminal. So if you get one burglar off the street, you’ve solved multiple crimes”

Fisher and her boyfriend says they’ve learned a valuable lesson and “dodged a bullet”. So, make sure you have the “Find my iPhone” downloaded on your iOS devices, because you can never know when something like this could happen to you.

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