Latest Tesla Model S Software Update: What it’s All About

The latest Tesla Model S software update has been issued a while ago, but if you missed it, here’s what new features it brings.

The Tesla Model S EV vehicle relies on its electronic brain which is being updated wirelessly by the company with important fixes and new features from time to time. The latest version – 5.9, has been issued in the middle of June, but since then, some other smaller updates have made their way.

So, for those who missed the update or just need to recall what it was all about, here are the details:

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New Features

  • Personalized Internet Music – European owners now have access to RDIO and Slacker for those in North America
  • Hill Start Assist – On a hill, Model S will now automatically hold the car for one second when the brake is released, which will prevent the car from rolling while the driver switches from the brake to the accelerator.


  • Smart Air Suspension – the Speed range for High and Very High has been increased and it’s now possible to drive at Low at any speed. Also, you can set the speed at which the car transitions to low.
  • Home/Work locations and favorites – it’s now possible to set home, work and favorite locations on the places menu. Also, voice commands have been updated to include “Navigate [to] Home” and “Navigate [to] work.”
  • Superchargers and visited chargers – Charging locations are now shown by default on the map and the menu items have been removed
  • Battery Meter and Cold Weather – In cold weather part of the battery meter may appear blue to show the portion of the battery that will not be available until the battery reaches operating temperature.
  • Improved Range Calculations -Range calculations have been adjusted and will generally appear higher.
  • Other improvements – gonts are larger in the status bar of the dash; numerous web browser improvements; Bluetooth will continually try to connect, not just when the car is first turned on; Speedo now goes to 150 mph
  • Owner reported changes – push-and-hold fob button to lower windows is disabled with this release; more access to full battery power longer at an even lower battery state than before; auto wipers on second setting senses rain much better and wipes the windshield quicker

Besides this, there have been reported other improvements which Tesla S owners have reported quite a while after the above mentioned ones were issued:

  • Connectivity improvements on 3G
  • Comfort setting on pano roof has changed from 80% to 75%
  • Need to keep UMC button pressed to remove from charge port
  • Homelink improvements (works with more door openers)

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