Nvidia Shield 2 Could be a Gaming Tablet with HUGE Power

Previously, we said that the Nvidia Shield 2 was expected to be slimmer and lighter, with newer rumors saying it’s aiming for a July release

Now, according to a listing from a testing body called the Global Certification Forum (GCF), Nvidia is actually looking for a big revamp of the next generation Shield console which could actually transform it into a Shield Tablet.

This would be quite the change as the original Shield gaming console is a portable, Tegra-powered device, along with a built-in controller and 5-inch screen, running Android games and apps.

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One of its main features is that it can wirelessly stream games from an NVIDIA-equipped PC. However, according to the GCF page, it could be possible that more than one Shield device is coming.

The next Nvidia Shield to be a tablet?

The purported Nvidia Shield tablet is said to sport a 7.9-inch screen size with a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, 2GB of RAM and NVIDIA’s new Tegra K1 quad-core CPU, along with 4G connectivity.

Still, this won’t be just an ordinary tablet, as it’s said to come with a controller attachment that would make it more reminiscent of portable gaming console.

Let’s not forget that the original NVIDIA Shield is a handheld game console with a 5 inch touchscreen attached to a video game controller, so if the second-generation Shield gets released as a tablet, it will represent quite a big difference from the original model.

Despite being a niche product, the original Nvidia Shield managed to build quite a big consumer base around it, and that’s why interest to the next console is growing rapidly. We’ll make sure to update you with new details as we get them.

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