BlackPhone’s Super SECURE Smartphone Starts Shipping

Blackphone is arguably the world’s most secure smartphone, despite having a kind of outdated interface. The initial inventory has already sold out.

BlackPhone, which was showed off back at Mobile World Congress in February 2014, has now started shipping, with the initial inventory having already sold out.

BlackPhone, created by SGP Technologies, is reportedly the first smartphone built with the user’s privacy at its core. The phone runs on a customized, secure version of Android 4.4 KitKat, dubbed PrivatOS, which gives users encrypted voice, video calls and text messaging.

While there have been many security phones built in the past, the actual idea was encouraged after the revelations of global NSA surveillance leaked by former security agent, Edward Snowden.

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According to its makers, the phone offers a “an unparalleled product ideal for information workers, executives, public figures, and anyone else unwilling to give up their privacy.”

The BlackPhone also has another pretty modern feature: A remote wipe tool. The tool allows the user to wipe the phone’s data from anywhere in the world. BlackPhone also has an anonymous web-browsing feature which lets users’ hide their IP address, browser cookies and person information. Other features include the prevention of eavesdropping over W-Fi and cellular networks.

On the downside, for its comparatively steep price tag ($630), the phone offers unimpressive specs. Another nuisance is that PrivatOS, is Android, but without Google. That essentially means no Google Play Store and no easy access to Google’s plethora of apps.

Ars Technica had the following to say in its review:

“If you’re running a small or medium-sized business and are looking for a consumer device that can help protect your data, the Blackphone is a good option. It’ll be an even better option when it has centralized administration that allows you to enforce company policies on data security, but it’s worth looking at now for users who deal with particularly sensitive information.”

“Is this the phone you give your parents or kids to help protect their privacy? Maybe, if you’re not afraid of doing a bit of preconfiguration and coaching. But you’re probably better off just configuring the phones they already have.”

The BlackPhone is currently sold out on their website, but you can keep updated to get to know when they’re back in stock.

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