Get READY: Flappy Bird Gets Re-Released this August

I never liked the game, but there are millions out there who will easily disagree with me. That’s why you’ll be happy to hear it’s soon getting a re-release!

Flappy Bird is phenomenon and probably the peak of casual gaming. After being pulled from online stores because it was becoming too addictive, developer Dong Nguyen said he is bringing back the game app stores this August.

Nguyen says that the new version will be different than the original one, coming with new features, which includes multiplayer support and “less addictive” gameplay. I, personally, am really curious to see how a multiplayer mode will work out. I find it hard to believe that playing with your friends will make the game less addictive.

At the moment, a plethor of Flappy Bird clones have been released on app stores and online, so it makes sense why so many are looking for the re-release of the real game. Heck, even Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, released a Flappy Bird-inspired game.

Flappy Bird has been downloaded more than 50 million times before being taken down and it was apparently pulling in $50,000 per day from ads. But the next Flappy Bird isn’t the single game Nguyen is currently working, as he said he’s involved in the creation of other mobile games.

At the moment, we don’t have any other details than the release date set by the developer. We will be keeping an eye on this as it evolves and will let you know of any developments on this.

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