Watch Dogs DLC Access Granted Pack Released, Check it Out

Watch Dogs is an amazing game with millions of fans all over the world who, naturally, are looking forward to the release of every new DLC.

You may have thought that Chicago could not have gotten any bigger, but Ubisoft proved you wrong. The latest DLC pack for Watch Dogs, entitled the “Access Granted Pack,” provides players with three new missions in single-player mode.

You can make your way through the greater area of Chicago to collect new weapons, outfits, and other additional perks in your efforts. These new missions are called The Palace, Signature Shot, and Breakthrough.

In The Palace, it’s your job to silence an internet mogul who knows more than he should. Break inside his luxurious palace to wipe his hard drive, and protect crucial information. Signature Shot follows a weapon that only works with the first person to ever use it.

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It’s up to the player to breach its holding area and steal it, before anyone else can use its power. In Breakthrough, you have to stop a secret meeting between the Chicago South Club and blue collar CEOs. No one is to escape with their lives, and you have to make sure of it.

Along with these missions, Ubisoft also included new weapons, outfits, and perks. In addition to the Signature Shot rifle, players can also find the Auto-6 burst-fire pistol. New perks boost your phone’s battery, improve your reload time, reduce recoil, and increase efficiency when hacking ATMs.

For anyone who purchased the $19.99 DLC season pass, you were able to get your hands on the Access Granted Pass last week. For everyone else, you can pick up this DLC now for only $6.99. The Access Granted Pass is available for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

Although this DLC comes only after a little over a month of the game’s initial release, Ubisoft had plenty of fans it aimed to please. Watch Dogs broke the record for biggest first day sales in the history of Ubisoft.

After only a week of being released, the game had managed to sell over four million units worldwide. In the United Kingdom, Watch Dogs ranks as the 17th biggest game launch in their history. Even prior to its release, the game received over 80 awards and nomination, and even more after its successful release.

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