Dying Light Developers Tease Release Date and Details

Through its gameplay trailer shown at E3 2014, it’s clear that Dying Light is not your basic zombie adventure game. The development team at TechLand sheds some light on the game, including its release date.

You may just think this is another Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead wannabe, but Techland is proving that Dying Light is no impostor. In an interview completed by IBTimes at E3 2014, the producer, Tymon Smektala, shed some light on the upcoming horror adventure game.

“We don’t think of ‘Dying Light’ as another zombie game. It’s an action game with zombies in it. What’s most important is the natural movement system. It’s a very unique way of traversing the environment. We try to give players unlimited freedom in moving around our fictional city.”

This first-person game allows players to explore an infested world similar to South American cities and slums. During the day, players travel through the urban wastelands to scavenge for supplies and weapons to save themselves.

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The combat system is comprised of melee weapons primarily, although there are some guns available. Rather than leaving players to choose between the same five or six guns, Dying Light gives players over 100 weapons to choose from, and the ability to craft even more.

Dying Light features a dynamic day and night cycle that gives players two different types of gameplay. During the day, zombies are somewhat slow, although still dangerous in numbers. The player has to scavenge for supplies throughout the day to return to the safe zone, all while receiving air drops, saving survivors, and creating traps.

When the sun goes down, these infected can sprint, have increase damage, and can jump and climb their way to their prey. Luckily, players can use stealth mechanics to make their way through the night, as they hope for a safe return.

Techland prides themselves on creating a free roam game, straying from the linearity you find in most zombie survival games.

“In normal FPS games, you have to move through corridors, you stick to a path. In our game, you can go everywhere. If you see anything you can reach, you can go there.”

The game was intended as a single player game, but Techland also incorporated four-player co-op. There is also a PvP mode where you can play as the infected, reeking havoc on the lives of other survivors.

Although the game was initially announced for a March 2014 release, it has since been delayed. As of now, Techland aims to release Dying Light in February of 2015. The game will launch for Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

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