Windows XP Still Alive And Kicking, Windows 8 Usage Drops

Windows XP is the second-most used operating system in the entire world, with 25% of worldwide PCs currently running it.

Net Applications, which scans a network of 160 million unique users each month, found that Windows XP had a 25.31% PC share in June, which is comparatively higher than the 25.27% share recorded in May.

Last April, Microsoft cut off support for Windows XP, meaning no more updates, bug fixes, security patches etc. The company was forced to issue a security fix for the OS, as a “one-time exception” to its security policy.

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With no more security updates, Windows XP is left vulnerable to malware and security threats. Some businesses are paying Microsoft for extended XP support, as the cost of upgrading all corporate PCs to a newer version of Windows could be in the millions.

Windows XP is proving to be hard for Microsoft to kill

Still, a comparison to XP’s share back in June 2013 shows that indeed many XP users have upgraded to newer platforms. XP commanded 37.1% of the market in June 2013, and over 29% in January 2014.

Windows 8 currently commands 5.93% of the market, with Windows 8.1 having a slightly larger user base, at 6.61%. We still can’t really get around the fact that why Windows 8 users won’t upgrade to Windows 8.1, since the upgrade was free and didn’t take much time. It had a bunch of new features too.

Compared to last month’s stats, Windows 8 use dropped by about 0.36% percent from 6.29% to 5.93%. Still, the Windows 8 and 8.1 user base combined is nothing compared to XP’s current user base, something that is worrying for Microsoft.

Windows 7 remained the most-used operating system, commanding 50.5% of the market.

On the Mac side, OS X 10.9 Mavericks had a 3.95% share, down from the 4.15% market share recorded in May 2014.

Reports are coming in that the next major version of Windows (named Windows 9 maybe?) will be releasing next year, probably around April or May. The new OS will offer a Start Menu and other features aimed at desktop users to convince them to upgrade to a newer OS, whether they’re currently running Windows XP, the outdated one, or Windows 7, the OS that accounts for half of the PCs worldwide.

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