UPDATE: The Golf Club Release Date for Xbox One, PS4 Changed to This Summer

A few days ago, we were telling you that the Golf Club game was aimed for a July release, but now it seems that things have changed.

These days, popular game developers are having big troubles trying to keep up with the release schedules for their titles, as they are striving to offer the best gaming experience for the players.

Such is the situation with the much-awaited Golf Club game for Xbox One and Play Station 4 users, which has been further delayed. This information is coming directly from the PR agency that represents The Golf Club maker HB Studios.

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We were asked to change the launch date from July to this summer, as there isn’t an official launch date yet set. The clarification was issued so that the player base won’t be confused, not that they aren’t already.

Naturally, I thought that if it isn’t going to get launched this July, then the single logical assumption is that we’ll see it in August. However, the PR agency insisted to summer, since the developers could have it finished this month, as well.

A little more waiting for Golf Club fans

So, there you have it, the game is said to hit the shelves this summer, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated on any news and follow-ups to this story.

I myself am looking forward to the release, since I’m a huge fan of golf games. And I’m sure it will look just as great on my Xbox One, and on my Play Station 4, as well. What are your thoughts on this?

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2 thoughts on “UPDATE: The Golf Club Release Date for Xbox One, PS4 Changed to This Summer”

  1. What? You’re getting it on an XB1. Have you seen the dreadful LOD pop-in of the trees on Youtube. Generating all the trees on the fly requires lot of fast RAM to render them fast enough. The high end PC’s on the early access programme are struggling with ugly trees popping in, and they have powerful GPU’s with at least 2GB of GDDR5 RAM installed. If you’re playing this game on console you’re going to need a PS4 with lots of fast GDDR5 RAM. The game on XB1 will suffer horrendous pop-in and really ugly trees because the tiny ESRAM is just not going to be able to compensate for the slow DDR3 RAM.

  2. The course editor is a really cool feature that makes me interested in this game, but I’m starting to loose faith in the devs ability to pull off such tech and make it look good. When they announced that the game would be released in the spring, even I could see that was ridiculous because there were so many things wrong with the game at that point they would never finish it it time without it ending up a rush job.

    The fact that they keep changing the release date indicates they really have no grasp on the size of task they are attempting. That does not inspire confidence, especially when you see the ugly tree pop-in on the Youtube early access videos. And they are running on high end PC’s, not a PS4 which is what I expect to play it on.

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