Bethesda Dispels Fallout 4 Release Date Rumors

As one of the most anticipated games of this generation, fans eagerly await the release of Fallout 4. After many hoaxes that misguided fans, Bethesda has set the record straight on release date rumors.

Ever since the release of New Vegas and the failed online MMO, fans have been craving a new taste of Fallout. Rumors began circulating in January of 2013, when Erik Dellums, the voice of Three Dog in Fallout 3 tweeted about a possible return.

Although he immediately clarified to say that Bethesda had given him permission to say such, Bethesda themselves neglected to comment at the time. As with any popular rumors, fans began speculating, and some took it upon themselves to mislead fans.

Between an E3 listing hoax at this year’s convention and an entire website dedicated to teasing Fallout 4’s “announcement,” fans have been tortured for over a year. Bethesda is finally taking the time to dispel these rumors, and provide as much clarification as they can.

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In an official statement released by Bethesda’s Marketing Executive, Pete Hines, they confirm that all the rumored release dates are no more than that. Fallout 4 is still under development, and they are not at the place to provide any more elaboration.

Nope, Fallout 4 isn’t launching anytime soon

Although he has said similar statements in the past, that Fallout 4 will not make an appearance anytime soon, fans tend to ignore Bethesda’s warnings. Many were expecting the company to deliver at this year’s E3 convention, but were left disappointed.

The team is hard at work on their massive Elder Scrolls Online project, so it’s obvious that the team has a lot of work on their hands.

Not all hope is lost for Fallout fans yet, even in this year. Throughout 2014, we still have the Gamescon and Tokyo Game Show conventions that Bethesda could chose to shed some light on Fallout 4 at.

As one of their two hit franchises, fans can rest assured that the team will eventually deliver on a new installment. All specifies of the game are speculation, as Bethesda has provided no clarification on any story or technical aspects whatsoever.

Some fans even believe that we could see an announcement for the game in a little under a week. Ten years ago, on July 10th, 2004, Bethesda began developing Fallout 3. Everyone knows that a good company loves their own anniversaries and patterns of that sort, so perhaps these games will begin development an even ten years apart.

Regardless, it’s not advised to get your hopes up over an announcement in the near future, although one can always dream.

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