Android TV Remote Control App Released on the Play Store

At the Google I/O conference we’ve seen Google announce a great deal of products and services, and one of them was Android TV.

Android TV is still a fresh initiative, but we’ve already seen companies like Razer getting ready to embrace the software for their upcoming micro-consoles. Google has released the Android TV Remote Control app on the Play Store and while everybody can download it, it’s aimed at developers.

The ultimate purpose of the app is to lets users employ their Android smartphones or tablet as Android TV remotes. There are two navigation modes, with a D-pad or Touchpad which will help you get the content that you want and the preferred games on your Android TV device.

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There’s Google Now functionality built-in and you can just tap the microphone button to start a voice search. If you want, you can use the keyboard to input text on Android TV, as well.

At the moment, the app works with the ADT-1 Developer Kit but as the first Android TV devices will get launched on the market, the app will become available for regular users, as well. Albeit it’s not yet available for users, most of them are excited about the opportunity:

“Can’t wait Wow. There are big stuff in wait for us. This is just a preview and I’m already excited”

What are your thoughts on the Android TV experience? Do you think Google has chances of pushing forward its services to more customers? This is quite possible especially after we’ve seen the giant buy a 5G-focused start-up.

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