New Twitter Feature: “Retweet with comment” to Replace “Quote Tweet”

The social media giant Twitter gave selected users a taste of the new “Retweet with comment” option. The function allows users within 140 characters to add their own opinion to the selected Tweet.

This is done through the use of what they call a Twitter card. A Twitter card is a screenshot of the Tweet you have selected. You are then given  the option to add your own text below it. To me it seems that it works on the principle of posting a photo.

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Some users have taken to Twitter stating that this option has been available on some third party applications for quite some time. That they do not see the needed change, that they prefer their current application. However, not all are so skeptical.

The new development by the company has its users tweeting their views on the new option. This has left Twitter users divided with users like @DanielleProsper Tweeting; “#retweetwithcomment #yesplease!”

While others like @Ayo_Cuddy stated; “I don’t like this #Retweetwithcomment…” There is growing frustration among the those who favor the new option. They want the option on the main Twitter website but only have access to it on their mobile devices.

This is to be expected when a new feature is being tested by the developer. Enabling it only on the application grants the developer more control. Techsonia reports that Twitter will ensure that it is perfect before releasing it to all its users.

This means many test groups and many people being disappointed when the option is removed. With no release date mentioned it could be a long wait before it is available to those who enjoyed it. This is but one new function in a history rich with innovation.

The social-media site is constantly working towards giving their users the best experience possible. Don’t be surprised if the new “Retweet with comment” is just the start of things to come.

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