EA Sports UFC Reviews: Mixed Reaction Shows that Bruce Lee isn’t Enough

High praise for EA Sports’ latest fighter UFC. This title will only be released on the next generation consoles. Fans and critics alike all agree that EA Sports’ UFC is visually beautiful. With the incredible fighter likeness and dynamic striking, this is indeed eye-candy.

Regrettably the impressive graphics and the fact that Bruce Lee is an unlockable character is not enough. The people at IGN have rated it only an okay score of 6.8. They argued that although it is visually beautiful, EA failed to capture the urgency and excitement in this all or nothing sport.

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The most common complaint from the fans are the highly complicated controls which has them staring at the controller more than the screen. Hardcore fans of MMA fighting have added their concern that even though the fighters look authentic, they lose individuality in the fighting styles.

Gamespot wasn’t too impressed with its performance, rating it only 5 out of 10 and saying the following:

“The graphical foundation is in place, but there are too many flawed combat systems to call this a strong debut for what’s sure to be an annualized series. EA Sports UFC manages to make only certain aspects of MMA both fun and functional, forcing most fights to play out in a familiar, brawling fashion. Even if you do enjoy swinging for the fences, there’s just not enough content here to justify the full retail price. It might look the part of a world champion, but EA Sports UFC will need a great deal of fine-tuning before it’s up to snuff”

One recurring protest is that some fighters would never attempt the moves they are capable of on the game. In general, fans are enjoying the game but it leaves them wanting more. People enjoy the fun and competitive excitement the game creates when you have friends over.

GameInformer had a better impression of the game, rating it 8 out of 10 and adding this:

“EA Sports UFC isn’t the easiest fighter to learn–it’s a complex beast that rewards dedicated warriors who are driven to succeed. Each match plays out like a chess match where combatants feel out their opponents’ strategies and exploit openings. EA’s attention to detail might feel unnatural to fighting fans weaned on titles like Street Fighter and Smash Bros., but UFC’s methodical pacing will knock out MMA enthusiasts.”

Overall verdict seems to be that it is a beautifully designed game but to all interested parties , EA Sports’ UFC seems a little rushed. Like they could have delayed the release a while to ensure there are at least more modes to choose from.

Words like bare-bone and mediocre appear on most posts after the visual aspects have been discussed. This is harming the replay value, as some have already thought of trading/selling their copy. Of course, this harms sales in the long run if the game is traded three weeks after the release.

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