Microsoft’s Smartwatch’s Strong Point: Cross-Platform Compatibility with Android and iPhone?

This is an interesting development from technology giant Microsoft. Although most of what is available are only rumours, the general idea remains the same. The industry giant is developing a sensor rich smart watch that will be able to monitor your heart rate constantly.

This function is thanks to the optical engineering knowledge of Microsoft’s Kinect division. Even with this always-on-function, the battery is said to last two days which is right on the mark with similar smart wearables.

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There are no images available, but various sources have suggested that it will be a slim design with a small full color touch screen situated on the inside of the wearer’s wrist. It is speculated that this is for privacy reasons so that users can view notifications discreetly.

Apart from the high-tech sensors and the interesting design, there is something else that will give Microsoft the edge over their competitors. This is the cross-platform compatibility which expands the market beyond their own devices.

All reports point towards Android and iPhone users being able to purchase one for their preferred device. Up to date the official word from Microsoft on this matter has been; “We have nothing to share.”

A source on Mashable suggests that it might be launched in October though the popular belief is that Microsoft might push for a summer release.

There is another constant on review boards and technology forums when it comes to a Microsoft device. There is this tone of concern on most sources that this wonder-device might turn out like the Microsoft Zune.

This is a really great concept so I hope for Microsoft’s sake that it will be executed correctly. We’ll be following the rumors and leaks and once we get more detailed information, we will definitely update you on this subject.

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