Udacity Releases its Android App to Help you Learn Programming on Smartphones, Tablets

Smartphones and tablets are changing the world around us, and if we once imagined that one could learn to code on a desktop machine, Udacity wants to prove us wrong. The acclaimed website for online programming tutorials has released its own Android app on the Play Store.

By downloading the app, you will join the huge base of 1.3 million students that are learn programming and big data to become a better programmer or just to set yourself on the right path from the beginning.

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One of the reasons why Udacity is so successful is because it uses experts and eachers from Facebook, Google, Cloudera and MongoDB. With the app, you can start with the very basics of programming and then advance to more complicated courses in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, Java and other programming languages.

There is a huge amount of classes available with the Udacity Android app, such as:

• Algorithms
• Applied Cryptography
• Artificial Intelligence for Robotics
• College Algebra
• Data Wrangling with MongoDB
• Design of Computer Programs
• Differential Equations in Action
• Exploratory Data Analysis
• Functional Hardware Verification
• How to Build a Startup
• HTML5 Game Development
• Interactive 3D Graphics
• Intro Algebra Review
• Intro to Artificial Intelligence
• Intro to Computer Science
• Intro to Data Science
• Intro to Hadoop and MapReduce
• Intro to Object Oriented Programming
• Intro to Parallel Programming
• Intro to Physics
• Intro to Point & Click App Development
• Intro to Programming
• Intro to Psychology
• Intro to Statistics
• Intro to the Design of Everyday Things
• Intro to Theoretical Computer Science
• Machine Learning 1—Supervised Learning
• Machine Learning 2—Unsupervised Learning
• Machine Learning 3—Reinforcement Learning
• Make Your Own 2048
• Mobile Web Development
• Programming Languages
• Software Debugging
• Software Testing
• Statistics
• Tales from the Genome
• Visualizing Algebra
• Web Development

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So, we can see that not only traditional programming is covered, but also algebra, math and even such subjects as cryptography or Artificial Intelligence for Robotics. Let us know what you think of the app by leaving your comment below.

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