Saints Row 4: The National Treasure Edition out July 8th

Although the title may send your head spinning back to the days of Nicolas Cage, you won’t find any of him here. Saints Row 4: The National Treasure Edition is the ultimate DLC collection of Saints Row 4.

This DLC collection comes with a copious amount of new weapons, sins outfits, super powers, an post-release mission packs. Although most of it doesn’t pertain to the actual game, and is purely aesthetic, it is a must have for die hard Saints Row 4 players.

This collection of 29 DLC packs comes out on July 8th. This collection will cost $30 at launch for North America, and respective equivalents world wide.

Saints Row 4 is the latest installment in the open world action adventure franchise developed by Volition. Players act as the leader of a street game named Third Street Saints, who has now managed to become the president of the United States.

This game takes place in the fictional city of Steelport, just like other installments, as the Saints fight an alien invasion. The original version was released in August of 2013 for Steam, PlayStation 3, and Xbox One.

Saints Row 4 received good to great critiques from critics, who praised it for its sandbox gameplay. This is one of the few “shooters” on the market that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

As a sandbox game, it leaves the decision making to the payer, and that is where it finds its niche. The National Treasure Edition of Saints Row 4 comes out on July 8th.

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  1. Is this just DLC, or does it include the full game? The way you wrote it makes it sound like it is only the DLC.

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