Razer to Launch Android TV Micro-Console Catered to “Hardcore” Gamers

Consumers may know Razer for their peripheral devices, but they’re taking the next step into the console business. The company aims to create an Android TV-based “micro-console” for gaming that will hit store shelves this fall. The company left most of the details up in speculation, keeping up with the spirit of the Google I/O event.

This device wants to provide a device that can stream movies, music, and other apps for a large screen output. They also want to emphasize “hardcore” gaming, but did not choose to elaborate on how they’re going about it.

Quite literally, the company disclosed little to nothing about its specifications. As far as connectivity, internal storage, and price, we have no details whatsoever. Media outlets suspect that the console will come with Bluetooth support for its gaming controllers.

Users can navigate through the interface using the Android TV app announced earlier that same day. Razer did confirm that the console will have voice commands, but whether it uses the microphone of your phone or tablet or another peripheral device is still up in the air.

The image we present to you is only a computer model. It is unknown how far the actual development of the console is at this point, although we can speculate pretty far with a release date rapidly approaching. Razer has perfected its hardware development over the years, so time will tell if the pattern translates over well to consoles.

Other hit devices Razer has created includes the “Razer Edge” which many consider to be the best tablet for gaming on the market. Consumers can run beautiful games consistently at 30 frames per second or higher. With “Project Christine,” users can swap out computer parts at their will without any tangled cords or other distractions.

Much like Phonebloks that Google is introducing in their Project Ara phone, adding a new addition to your phone is as simple as replacing yourself.

Many critics say that the device sounds a lot like Amazon Fire TV, but Razer is looking to cater to gamers, not casual tablet users. If done correctly, Razer could pull of one of the best competitors in the home-gaming system market.

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