Yahoo acquires email and contact management start-up called Xobni

Yahoo has been on a spree acquiring new and interesting start-ups. After getting its hands on Bignoggins and Qwiki, the company has announced that it has now acquired Xobni, an email and address book management service.

Xobni launched back in 2007 and it is a service which integrates with your email accounts to update the contact list using data from various social networking sites. It has an app on iOS and Android which goes by the name Smartr, it helps users sort their contacts according to importance. The app also works with clients like Outlook, Gmail, iCloud and Yahoo! Mail.

Xobni at the moment of its acquisition is a 31 member team, the whole team will be moving to the Yahoo HQ and their technology will be integrated into Yahoos products like email and instant messaging services.

Xobni has also mentioned that existing users will still be able to use the apps, however it won’t be accepting new users at the time. More details regarding the deal have not been revealed, but TechCrunch reports that the acquisition could be somewhere worth $60 million.


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