Instant messaging applications are quite popular in the Indian market. We already have a bunch of them including – WhatsApp, WeChat, Hike, amongst others. Now a Japan-based Line messenger is available in the Indian market across multiple platforms.

Line messenger is an interesting service which allows users to send manga-themed emoticons and images. It will be available on iOS, BlackBerry OS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia Asha phones, Windows and Mac devices.

Line has a variety of unique features and globally it has over 180 million users. WhatsApp is still dominating a t 250 million users globally, while Hike has managed to get over 5 million users in a short time. Line users can also make free calls to each other, and a really cool feature is that it allows users to send character stickers of Disney and other universes.

I am really looking forward to Line, as it does offer unique messaging services. The company also seems to be aggressively promoting their ads in the Indian market and is likely to be quite successful.

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