ASUS launches laptop with dual screens calls it Taichi [Computex 2012]

The emerging portable computers manufacturer ASUS is getting ahead in the highly competitive market of mobile devices. The company has launched their latest laptop device at Computex 2012 and it is called the ASUS Taichi.

Asus has launched a bunch of new laptops at Computex this year and one of these sports dual displays. The second one is on the back of the first display which is active even while the lid is shut. To add to this, both the screens can be used simultaneously by two users running different applications at the same time.

Two variants will be available in the Asus Taichi series which includes an 11.6 inch model and the other remains the standard 13.3 inch model.

Both the machines will be powered by Intel’s Ivy Bridge Core i7 processors and will be equipped with a configuration of 4GB RAM, SSDs for internal storage and USB 3.0 ports. The configuration remains the same for both the laptop/tablet hybrid devices including the 1920×1080 full HD resolution and an IPS technology display. These machines weigh as much as the Asus Zenbook which is not quite heavy.

If You want to make a quick Skype call or if you want immediate access to that important document, just open the tablet and its right in front of you. Asus has still not revealed the pricing of these products which makes it difficult to give a verdict yet. But, its definitely going to spark a trend in the ultrabook segment.

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