Tomb Raider demo debuts at E3, launching March 2013 [E3 2012]

A demo of the upcoming Tomb Raider game was shown by Crystal Dynamics at the E3 2012 during Microsoft’s press conference. Additionally, they also confirmed that the first DLC for the video game will be a timed Xbox 360 exclusive.

This Tomb Raider game is a prequel to all Tom Raider games, it goes back to the time when Lara Croft gets stranded on island and that is where it all begins.

The demo shown takes place much later in the game and Lara is shown shooting men with her bow and it is later followed by a gunfight. It further gets more interesting with an explosion and Lara then trying to escape from the scenario.

This new Tomb Raider game launches on March 5, 2013.

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