Texas Instruments Unveils a tablet called Blaze

We have seen various tablets since, the launch of Apple iPad and it surely means that the tablet market is growing and many companies would like to be a part of it. Texas Instruments is one such company who is really interested about this new phenomenon, even though they are not known for making more mainstream products.

Anyways, TI has sow joined the PC tablet segment and they are calling the very own tablet, the “Blaze.”. This tablet from Texas Instruments shows off features like a 10.4-inch XVGA screen (1024 x 768), Bluetooth, WiFi, Built-In Cellular modem, GPS and also a FM radio.

Well, the Blaze will be powered by a OMAP4430 1GHz processor, will have 32GB eMMC memory and 1GB lpDDR2 RAM. The Blaze will also feature multiple external camera modules which include an external PLD pico-projector which can be used for displaying and sharing media, content and other files. We are not yet sure about the operating system and other feature.

Reportedly, the Texas Instrument’s Blaze tablet is for developers and won’t be much helpful for the average consumers. It is about to be released sometime in August.

Source: CrunchGear

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