Pokemon Go Fire and Ice Event Leaks

Pokemon Go has become quite the place for leaks. We’re not sure whether or not developers over at Niantic Labs are doing this on purpose to see if users catch on, or if they’re simple mistakes, but these things just keep on happening to them. And now it’s time for a new one, and it’s big too. We’re talking about the new Pokemon Go Fire and Ice event that just leaked, one week ahead of its official release.

Pokemon Go events are something that the game’s players enjoy very much. These events are the perfect time to improve your scores, because they offer benefits and bonuses for select Pokemon types, as well as other in-game items and perks. These bonuses range from quicker spawning times to discounts and other cool things, so it’s easy to see why players like them so much.

According to the leak, the Fire and Ice event is supposed to start on June 13th, so next Tuesday, and last until June 20th, so an entire week, just like other events. The event will also feature bonuses for Fire and Ice type Pokemon, hence its name. The name of such in-game events always has to do with the type of Pokemon they are centered around, so it’s pretty self-explanatory.

However, the news didn’t come from Niantic. If the event is real and not just another Internet hoax, they were probably planning on announcing it soon, but it seems that someone just beat them to the punch. Oh well, stuff like this happens all the time on the Internet anyway. However, until Niantic either officially confirm or infirm this event, it’s best to take this leak with a grain of salt. Rumors come up all the time, so we need to be smart and filter them.

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