Palm excited about Next Year and New Devices.

Since a very long time we have not seen any changes in the existing Palm hardware and we also have not been hearing about what plans they might have regarding their devices. We all know about the HP and Palm deal, we have also hear that HP will be making use of the WebOS any various devices including an upcoming tablet.

So, there was not much of Palm in all this news but at the developers webinar by AT&T Palm revealed that they working on future devices and a new version of their OS. Although, they cannot yet reveal the roadmap as they are still under the process of being acquired by HP. This is really exciting news as we all know that WebOS is a really brilliant mobile operating system and with the right kind of hardware it may just catapult Palm along with Apple, HTC and Motorola. So, it looks like Palm has a few devices planned for the next year and they have been very excited about it.

Adobe and Palm have also been continuously working together t bring the Flash Player 10.1 to the web-friendly WebOS and even though we have heard of the earlier delays, it looks like they are now putting in some extra effort.

Well, it sure looks like a bright future for Palm, but if they are working on implementing today’s technology in their future phones, I am very sure it is a dead end. With so many new things coming up they have provide something really unique, especially the hardware part.

Source: PreCentral

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