NVIDIA launches GTX GeForce 760 GPU in India starting Rs. 19,499

NVIDIA has launched its GTX GeForce 760 GPU in the Indian market and the pricing starts at Rs. 19,499. It is based on NVIDIA’s Kepler architecture and the company claims that it is much more powerful than the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles.

It is far from NVIDIA’s flagship GPU, however the company claims it has 2.3 gigaflops of processing power and it will be able to deliver extreme frame rates on two of the most highly anticipated and graphics demanding games including – Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 which will launch later this year.

PC gaming has huge benefits over the upcoming gaming consoles as both these next generation consoles leverage a x86 architecture. It is also expected that due to such a benefit and easy development environments the future of PC gaming is pretty bright and titles could possibly launch alongside or even before their console variants.

Coming back to the GeForce 760, it is a GPU which will provide gamers with a number of customization and overclocking options. The company will provide tools like NVIDIA’s GPU Boost 2.0 which automatically increases the GPU’s clock speed for improved performance, at the same it adds temperature target and fan controls. One also has the ability to increase the voltage input and can optimize it for advanced water-cooling solutions.


It is safe to say that many GPU vendors would have some nifty solutions of their own based on the NVIDIA GTX GeForce 760. It also supports proprietary NVIDIA technologies like PhysX and the GeForce Experience which helps optimize the gameplay settings based on the PC’s configuration.

Suppliers including Zotac, XFX, MSI, Galaxy and obviously ASUS are expected to offer their own custom variants of this graphics card.

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  1. o hello? GTX 660 Ti price is $299 in USA and in india its of 19000 rs. While GTX 760 price is $249 in USA and in India it is 19499? What the hell is this? I thought it would be cheaper and faster. But ya, its really “CHEAP” or may be this website is f kidding with everyone. I am gonna look on other websites. >_<

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