Nokia to Launch Windows Phone in 2011

The Finnish handset maker Nokia Corp. revealed its plans for 2011 to release its first mobile phone using the Microsoft Windows 7 platform. Stephen Elop, Chief Executive of Nokia said in a speech Tuesday in Singapore that they will start to deliver the models in bulk during 2012.

Strangely enough, Nokia also unveiled its N9 smartphone model, which is based on the MeeGo/Symbian platform. Elop said the N9 would be launched later this year, but declined to specify the date or price.

Stephen Elop’s statement came after constant news that Nokia is facing stronger and stronger competitors at the top end of the market against smartphones such as Apple Inc.’s iPhone, Research in Motion’s Blackberry as well as Android, and on the lower end against emerging market phone makers who are dropping their prices on devices.

Because of Nokia’s poor market status, several rating agencies such as Fitch and Moody’s Investors Service are keeping close watch on them, getting ready to downgrade Nokia’s status as a grade A handset manufacturer.

The subpar offer and quality of smartphones produced by Nokia was what determined them in September 2010 to replace their CEO from Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo to Stephen Elop, who previously worked for Microsoft. In February 2011 Nokia and Microsoft signed a preliminary contract through which Nokia set off to incorporate Windows phone platforms.

Unfortunately, with the ever increasing giants like Apple, BlackBerry and Google splitting the globe, Nokia is doing too little too late to stay afloat, releasing the N9 with an antiquated OS that should have been dropped by now.

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