Nexus 6P Best Custom ROMs Comparison- Pure Nexus vs Resurrection Remix

Nexus is Google’s less appreciated phone, that’s for sure. While Nexus isn’t as good as Pixel on account of its design, specs and whatnot, it does have its other attractive perks. One of the things that Nexus users love about it the most is that Nexus phones are a custom ROM heaven. It just feels like Nexus smartphones were made to host custom ROMs, and there are also a lot of ROMs to choose from when it comes to customizing your Nexus phone.

Today we’re taking a look at two of the best and most widely used custom ROMs for Nexus, namely Pure Nexus and Resurrection Remix ROM for Nexus 6P. You can watch a comparison of the two in the video below, and also keep on reading this article afterwards for more info on this hot topic.

Eric’s Review

Eric, the young man who made and filmed the review above, owns a beautiful Nexus 6P which he loves specifically for its ability to host custom ROMs. He says that his two favorites as far as Nexus ROMs go are Pure Nexus and the Resurrection Remix ROM. He loves them because they are very different, which means he can experiment with various features that his phone can achieve through them.

Pure Nexus simplifies the way in which you use your phone by dragging and dropping things around. You can also customize fonts, status bars, battery settings and all that. All in all, Pure Nexus is simply straightforward and it changes the way your Nexus 6P looks. The Resurrection Remix ROM is also a good one because it looks like regular Android, but it has mindblowing features complete with amazing battery life. For more information on this comparison, you can watch Eric’s detailed review above.

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