New Firefox for Android now available on Google Play

Mozilla has officially released a new version for its mobile browser on Android. The new Firefox for Android is now available for download via Google Play and Mozilla promises a huge performance boost in the new update. Mozilla has also claims that the new Firefox for Android is the leading browser pack in the SunSpider benchmark.

The key new addition with the new version of Firefox for Android includes improved HTML5 capabilities. It enables developers to create rich web-based apps and websites using HTML5, CSS, JavaScript and various other open web standards. Moreover a variety of new web APIs have are now available for developers including – Camera API, Mobile Connection API, Battery Status API, Vibration API, Screen Orientation API and Geolocation API.

Firefox for Android also features the ability to sync tabs and bookmarks with your desktop browser, it now includes better tabbed browsing. New security features include Do Not Track, Master Password and HTTP Strict Transport Security.

The new version includes some amazing new features and hopefully we might soon get to see how developers are using the new tools to create some interesting tools for Firefox for Android.

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