Microsoft Demoes One-Size-Fits-All Windows 8, Gets Multiple Support From Hardware Quarters [Updated With Video]

Finally waking up from its slumber of the slow development of its Windows OS, Microsoft demoed the latest version, unofficially called Windows 8, at D9. The initial offerings of the demo give us the impression that Microsoft has decided to stick with their popular Tiles, while concentrating more on building a stable, more functional and overall pleasant OS experience.

As you can see from the screenshot above, the live Tiles concept has been furthered by Microsoft, ostensibly to provide a visually enriching experience. Other improvements include easier multitasking, a new version of Internet Explorer which incorporates Silverlight and better built in integration for apps such as Office 365.

Interestingly, Microsoft has made it clear that this will be the OS that will run on all hardware from computers to phones and tablets. The difference will be the development of the apps, depending on whether their usage is for mobile devices or computers or both. For the oldies, note that the traditional Windows UI that has been part for your life for so long is still present, its just lurking beneath the shiny Tiles start page.

Meanwhile at Computex 2011, prototype ARM-based Windows 8 slates and smartbooks were put on display for all and sundry to try. Hardware manufacturers such as Qualcomm, NVIDIA and Texas Instruments also took the opportunity to announce their support for the OS, with Qualcomm specifically announcing dual core and quad core chips for the OS.

We think this could be the much needed shot in the arm that Microsoft needed. With the slow recognition the Windows Phone 7 is getting, their tie-up with Nokia and the success (relative to Vista!) of Windows 7, the Redmond company could finally catapult themselves into computing dominion again.

Click here to see the demo video.

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