Microsoft makes its ‘major announcement’ unveils Surface tablet in two variants

It got hyped and a lot of speculations regarding Microsoft’s ‘big announcement’ surfaced on the web, however Microsoft did a great job keeping its new device a secret. At a launch event in Los Angeles, Steve Ballmer unveiled a new tablet device which will be available in the market sometime later this year.

This new device is a self-branded tablet from Microsoft where the company will look after the hardware which goes in this Microsoft software based device, similar to what Apple has been doing all these years. This new Microsoft self-branded tablet is simply called Surface, but it is far off from huge touch screen interface from Microsoft which has the same name.

This Surface tablet from Microsoft will have two variants; the first one will be an ARM based device running Windows RT while the other will come with Windows Pro and will be powered by Intel’s Core processor. Both will include options on on-board storage from 32GB to 64GB.

The ARM powered Surface tablet weighs 676 grams and it is just 9.3mm thick. On the other hand the Intel powered Surface tablet weighs 909 grams and is 13.5mm thick. Both variants will include a mini DisplayPort, USB 2.0 port and a microSD card slot for expandable storage capability.

Well, that is not all Microsoft has to offer with its new Surface tablet as the most interesting of all is the magnetically attached stylus and a cover for the tablet which doubles as a fully functional multitouch keyboard with a trackpad and this is really exciting. The Touch Cover is just 3mm thick while the Type Cover is 5mm thick which provides a much tactile feel. The tablet has a kickstand which holds it at an 22 degree angle make it a much practical portable tablet device.

Microsoft has not revealed any information about the pricing of the device, however various reports suggest that it will be placed along with lines of slightly affordable Ultrabooks.

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