Microsoft announces redesigned Xbox 360

Along with the announcement of the availability and pricing of the Xbox One during E3 2013, Microsoft also announced a redesigned Xbox 360 model which is slimmer and sleeker than the previous generation Xbox 360.

The new redesigned Xbox 360 is based on the new Xbox One design, and we think it looks a little better than the Xbox One. The company also announced that new and existing Xbox Live Gold members will get two free game downloads every month. The first month will include games like Assassins Creed 2 and Halo 3, which will be available for free download.


The company also confirmed that a lot of upcoming games will be available for the Xbox 360, Some of these games which are in the pipeline include Grand Theft Auto V and Batman Arkham Origins amongst other titles.

Other new games which are now available on the Xbox 360 include World of Tanks which is a free download and Max The Curse of the Brotherhood. A new version of Dark Souls will also be coming to the console at a later date.

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