Mac OS X Lion Found Having Chrome OS Competing Restart To Safari Feature

Back when we informed you guys about the new Mac OS X Lion, it seems there was a feature that Apple had not highlighted, but was dug about by MacRumors when playing around with a developer beta version. It looks like there’s an option on the user lock screen that lets you restart into Safari mode, which if chosen, reboots the system into a Safari browser and nothing else. Hmm, this sounds sneakily close enough to the Chrome OS that was showcased earlier this year.

But thats not all! Since the Safari only mode doesn’t require any password, if your Mac gets stolen, then the thieves will only be able to use the browser, during which time you can track your Mac with the Find My Mac application, while the thieves are blissfully unaware of you creeping up behind them with a sledgehammer in your hand!

Since Apple (curiously) has not discussed this feature of Lion any time in the past, we ‘re not sure whether it will make it to the final version. But we certainly think it should. With the introduction of such a feature, they will directly compete with the recently released Chrome OS, while offering the normal additional full fledged Lion OS. From the users’ perspective, it allows them to judiciously use their computer’s resources when they know they only have to perform internet related stuff. It also hedges Apple’s position in cloud computing, as the future development of Safari (which is already quite future-proof) in conjunction with this nifty feature could ensure that Apple has one foot firmly in the impending cloud computing wisps. The fact that you have to boot and then reboot to get to the mode is the only downside as of now, one that will hopefully be ironed out by the time Lion finally releases. Either way, Apple’s shown us once again why they always leave others to follow and catch up with them. I ‘m tired of having said that so many times in the recent past!


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