JooJoo Tablet can now run OS X

The JooJoo Tablet has quite a strange history, and even though it looked like a very brilliant tablet device, it never went far as the Apple iPad made the consumer market completely neglect it. From the launch till March 30th only 90 JooJoo tablets had been sold we completely shattered the existence of JooJoo tablets, not that the JooJoo tables are not great it is just that they were just against a huge competitor.

Now, all you guys who have this tablet can install OS X on their devices as the JooJoo has an Atom processor which is compatible with the Snow Leopard. Anyways, this is simply to prove you can do something like this as the OS X is more pathetic than Windows 7 on a tablet device.

Anyways, there is nothing new here just a simple update on this forgotten tablet.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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