Is the next iMac Touchscreen?

Loop Rumors has been reporting that Apple is all set to release a new iMac and that the new iMac may feature a touchscreen display. The guys have also been reporting that the new iMac may have a Hybrid OS. Reports also suggest that that the company will launch the new Hybrid iMac with both the regular OS X and the iOS touch capabilities.

The complete details for the same have been missing and as usual there are no confirmations from the company so the details of the new iMac are yet unclear but it looks like Appl is planning to offer the OS X environment and the multi-touch controlled iOS environment in the same hardware. This will allow developers to also develop apps for the new iMac platform.

However, I highly doubt this possibility and I would rather wait for some more updates regarding the same. Anyways if it is true then we sure may have another brilliant platform.

Source: SlashGear via LOOPRumors

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