Intel unveils its new Merrifield processor, coming to consumers in 2014

Along with its new Bay Trail based chipsets for tablets and ultra portables, Intel’s Tom Kilroy unveiled the first reference design for the company’s new 22nm process based Merrifield processor for smartphones. It was unveiled at Computex 2013 a couple of days ago.

According to Tom Kilroy the Merrifield processor will come equipped in smartphones sometime in 2014 for the consumers. The specific arrival has not been revealed yet.

The chipset was shown on a 4-inch touch-based reference design and the key point of the Merrifield processor was an entirely new Atom architecture which promises to boost the performance and also help save on the battery life. This SoC also features an ‘integrated sensors hub’ for personalized services and privacy protection.

In addition to the Merrifield processor, Intel also mentioned the Bay Trail-T, it’s a 22nm process based Atom SoC which will arrive on tablets in time for the holiday season this year.

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