iCloud and iMessage to Unite iOS 5 Users

Two new mentionable services will be brought under the new iOS 5, the iCloud and the iMesssage. Recent polls amongst iPhone and iPad users have shown that they will be keen on using these new services as soon as they are available to them.

According to RBC Capital Markets, roughly 76% of iPhone users will utilize the iCloud software once iOS 5 is publicly released, and an estimated 75% also agreed that they will include iMessage in their daily routine, using this new service to communicate between iOS 5 devices. Both these services will be completely free, and expected to be released this fall.

What this survey can’t show or calculate is how our social patterns will change with the public release of the iCloud. The online media hosting service will allow users to synchronize and manage music, photos and documents without actively transferring them to all possessed devices, and the ability to freely communicate through iMessage with any other iOS 5 users will ensure that our link to Apple products can only get stronger.

However, there is also a catch. While these new features are perfectly integrated into Apple, they will not function in correlation with other products. While this makes sense for the iMessage, users might have trouble switching after taking iCloud into their daily routine. Unfortunately, at this moment there is no alternative in sight from their competitors, or at least, nothing this well integrated into an operating system.

While in essence, these new apps are nothing new (BBM’s between BlackBerry users, Acer’s clear.fi), they will serve to unite iOS 5 and Apple users in general across the globe, but more importantly, across all platforms. Just make sure everyone you communicate and know will be an Apple user, otherwise you may put yourself or your friends at a disadvantage.

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