How to Discreetly Hide Your Favourite Entertainment Gear in Your Living Room

Whether you’re worrying about the presentation of your home for guests or you just don’t want a cluttered living room, home entertainment systems are not always compatible with a neat and tidy appearance! Various pieces of tech gear take up precious space on your floor, wall, or near your television set, and if you aren’t careful, this can make for an eyesore.

There are a few ways you can discreetly hide entertainment and tech gear so that they aren’t too obvious, however. Try out some of these methods if your gear is becoming too gaudy.

Use cabinets and drawers.

A good entertainment center will hold your television, but also assorted accessories you need with it. Make sure your entertainment center has drawers, cabinets, or doors to hide things you aren’t using right now. If your TV is mounted to a wall, buy cabinets or shelves to hold the rest of your gear. A shelf doesn’t have to leave your gear exposed to the plain eye, either – you can buy small bins and containers that fit on your shelves and organize them according to the type of gear. A container for wires and one for gaming systems might work, for example.

Strategically place plants around the living room.

A living room looks more alive when there’s a little green life in it. If you’re using plants, you can strategically place them around your tech gear in order to keep it out of sight. Just be sure you have trays under your plants to catch extra water, dirt, or leaves. Don’t use plants that tend to drop a lot of leaves or that could be easily tipped over.

Hide sound gear under tables or behind a sofa.

If you have a great sound system that requires multiple speakers, see if any of them can be placed behind your sofa, under tables, or even behind a curtain. A table over a speaker will help keep the focus on whatever you place on that table – lamps, plants, or ornaments, for example – and will give you more usable space in your room.

Label your wires and get them off the ground.

Cables and wires are a must-have component of any entertainment gear, unfortunately. You can, however, get them out of the way so they don’t look so obvious. Take some time to label all your wires with small tags near the plug end of the cable. This allows you to easily unplug and store any gear you aren’t currently using, and it makes it easier to untangle wires and keep them apart when you know where each one goes.

Hiding your tech gear makes your home feel more attractive. Some living rooms have sparse, clean designs for aesthetic appeal, and others are homey and full of odds and ends. No matter what style of living room you have, it will definitely look better once your tech gear is creatively hidden and stored properly. You can have all the guests you want in your living room and you won’t be cringing at the mess.

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