Google Store: Buy a Pixel XL and get a free Google Home

If you ever wanted the opportunity to snatch a Google Pixel XL, now it is the perfect occasion to make your move. The US Google Stores are giving their customers the ability to get in the possession of the Google Home connected speaker for free if they are purchasing a 5.5 inch Pixel XL. Now that is a great deal don’t you think?

Normally, Google Home connected speaker reaches up to $129 all by itself, so this new bundle offer together with Pixel XL is more than an astonishing deal all around. The terms of deal precise that this bundle will be given as long as the supplies last, so with a possibility for only a limited number of Google Home speakers available for free with Pixel XL, is the once in a life time occasion you need not to miss.

If you do not want a Pixel XL but still desire the Google Home speakers, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for those, because, if you sign up for Project Fi, you could get this exactly same deal with either size of the Pixel phone. The Project Fi deal will be available only until 29 of July, precise Google. So, once again, what are you waiting for?

Furthermore, those who will acquire the Google Home speakers will enjoy some major updates and features from Google’s side that will come later this summer. The features will include allowing owners to make outgoing hands free voice calls to any mobile phone number or landline in Canada and US, for FREE.

The Google Home speaker will also render the ability to give time-sensitive notifications for events like the current status of a flight with current updates, meetings or traffic, together with adding support for more streaming audio services such as Deezer, Spotify or SoundCloud.

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