Facebook to House 500 People in India in 2 Months

Facebook is all set to expand its borders and their next stops is India. As a plan to make a larger presence in Asia, Facebook has reportedly has been talking to the State Information Technology and Communications Department of India to open their very first office in Hyderabad, India.

The new Facebook office will be up and running in two months, and will have 500 employees and the operations will be tasked to provide support for multilingual users for the vast number of Facebook users across the globe. This would be Facebook’s forth office earlier ones being in California, Ireland and Texas. Facebook has been continuously growing over the last few years and we have seen people moving from various Social Networks to this brilliant social networking platform.

Although, many may be unaware of this fact and you would be surprised to know that before the introduction of Facebook to the India users, we were using a not so famous social networking platform called Orkut and it was a part of Google. However, after Facebook became a much trending topic in the country, at least 80 percent of the crowd moved from Orkut to Facebook in about 3-4 months. I am very sure that such increase in the subscribers has created this need for an India-based office and it surely would be beneficial and potentially offer various jobs to the locals in that region.

The new office will be located at Raheja Mindspace special economic zone, and will become official in two months.

Source: TechCrunch

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