Expect a lot of Safari at the WWDC 2010

So it is not just all iPhone 4G at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. Some, new documents from Apple suggest a Safari 5 launch, which will have Bing search support and have a faster JavaScript performance.

The documents were first leaked by a French Website called MacGeneration and later appeared on Apple Insider. The images show documents listing Safari 5 features including a 25 percent increased speed in JavaScript performance, DNS prefetching and a new feature called the Safari Reader.

According to the details currently available, it looks like Safari Reader will allow users “click on the new Reader icon to view articles on the web in a single, clutter-free page.” This expected new version of Safari will also have improved support for HTML5, it will have features like geolocations, closed caption for HTML5 videos and full-screen for HTML5 videos, etc.

It is true that such documents can be easily forged but I have a strong feeling that we may see a lot of the new Safari at the WWDC 2010.

Source: Apple Insider

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