Dual-Screen, Split Physical Keyboard LG Device Spotted with T-Mobile Branding

In this increasingly competitive smartphone it is very important for manufacturers to release some unique and feature-rich devices with improved functionality. Of course it is tough job to come up with such a device, but Korean manufacturer LG has taken a shot at a new device, which apparently seems quite interesting to me.

A new LG device has been spotted with T-Mobile branding which includes dual screen and a split physical keyboard. It has a landscape slide-out form factor and he secondary display is located between the slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The secondary display includes eight shortcuts which can be customized according to your preferences.

There are no details yet on what hardware is included inside the device, neither do we know whether he secondary display would include any other features than just shortcuts to some applications. The split keyboard seems quite interesting to me, and it feels that it may attract a lot of attention to the device.

The name of the device is not yet revealed, but according to the guys at Pocket-Lint who reported the device it may be known as the LG Flip II. Forget the pricing we don’t even know he availability. Oh! and it runs Android.

2 thoughts on “Dual-Screen, Split Physical Keyboard LG Device Spotted with T-Mobile Branding”

  1. This will rule the world. The screen between the split keyboards may be used for sms, receiving calls etc and can give a talk time of 1 week or more.

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