Dell working on Chrome OS and Android, is HP and WebOS a threat?

Acer is already all working towards a Chrome OS netbook, although we were not able to see one at Computex 2010 it looks like we may very soon have a preview at a Chrome OS netbook. Now Dell has also joined in and they are now working on Chrome OS based netbooks.

Dell has officially announced that they are in talks with Google in reagards to the utilization of the Chrome OS for their future devices. Dell’s president for Greater China and South Asia has confirmed that Dell is not just talking with Google concerning the Chrome OS but is also interested in upcoming Android powered devices.

Now, it looks like Dell is not just interested in computing but they are also trying to enter the handset market. I believe this has may have a lot to do with HP acquisition of Palm as we have been hearing about WebOS based tablets and previously HP has also mentioned some interest in the mobile handset market.

Well, we are yet to see what the Chrome OS can actually do and as soon as we hear more about it we will keep you posted.

Source: Reuters

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