Dating Website now offers Designer Sperm and Eggs

It may sound surprising, but “BeautifulPeople” the dating website which had earlier kicked out 5,000 members just because they had put on some weight during Christmas has now launched a sperm and eggbank section on its site, promising “beautiful babies” for those who are interested.

Online sperm/egg donor sites are nothing new but this again is another controversial move for the already-controversial website. The most pathetic fact about this website is that only one out of every five people who apple are accepted to this exclusive dating site but it still has over 600,000 singles looking for dates from over 190 countries.

Well, this surely leads us to think of the many possibilities which will be available to us through technology in the near future.

Source: The Telegraph

3 thoughts on “Dating Website now offers Designer Sperm and Eggs”

  1. promising “beautiful babies” – never ever heared something that is crazier than that. They should do their business on working on the website and not selling shit like this.

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