China Introduces the First MeeGo Powered Tablet

Currently, we are yet to see a competitor for Apple’s iPad the tablet is really brilliant and I found it very useful. However, after checking out the MeeGo for tablets, Pre-Alpha Demo I am quite sure that MeeGo can be a great threat to the Apple iPad and Nokia may be the one making some really awesome MeeGo based tablets.

However, MeeGo is already out on tablets thanks to a Chinese company called Red Flag Software. This new MeeGo based tablet is called the first tablet running the open-source MeeGo OS and it is called the NPad. Also, rumors support that this tablet will cost quite less than the Apple iPad which may get some people interested.

However, I have a feeling that MeeGo is not there yet, the pre-alpha demo was good but it may still take time to reach there. The tablet can do multitasking and indications suggest that it may be running the 1.1 MeeGo OS.

Not all the information is yet available but we know that the NPad measures 10.1-inch and has a multi-touch screen with a built-in accelerometer. It will be powered by Intel’s Atom Moorestown processor and will have Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3G. The price is yet to be reaveled.

Source: HOTHardware

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